Feeling good and confident isn’t always easy and there are numerous factors that may affect your mood . By far the most important is diet . Fuelling your body with the proper food is something which can effect how you feel and look .

If you wish to feel sharper and maximise your productivity levels every day , below are some foods to include on your shopping list .


Blue barry alwa health
Blueberries are high in fibre and rich in minerals.

A fruit rich in antioxidants , blueberries help guard the brain from stress and balance blood sugar levels . They are the most effective brain foods and an easy mid-morning snack to include in your everyday food plan . Not only are berries rich in fibre but they are also natural in minerals which helps protect the immune system .

KEY BENEFITS : They boost the production of dopamine which promotes energy and motivation .


Nuts alwa health
Nuts can improve your ability to retain information.

Another food type that can help improve brain cell communication , nuts are full of Vitamin E and a powerful food due to their high amounts of fatty acids . Swapping the work hunger for certain healthy fats will promote a slow release of energy and an enhanced ability to retain information .

KEY BENEFITS : Nuts have been linked to lower cholesterol as well as lowering the risk of cancer , making you feel much healthier and more active .


Fist Alwa Health
Try to stick to oily fish like Sardines.

Perhaps the best generally known superfood , fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and will keep the heart and brain healthy . Salmon , tuna and sardines are types of fish that are easy to cook and can be included with a salad to help make a simple nutritious meal . Another advantage of eating fish is its quick production of collagen in the skin , resulting in a reduction in wrinkles .
KEY BENEFITS : The omega-3 helps brain power , leading you to feel confident and alert throughout your daily routine .

Green Alwa Health
‘Eat your greens’ is a sound piece of parental advice.

Greens such as spinach , kale and broccoli are important in providing a high level of iron to the body . Additionally , they help slow down memory loss and maintain a balance between immunity and inflammation to maximise your over-all energy .

KEY BENEFITS : The antioxidants in greens are highly nutritious and improve brain health


Whole Grains  Alwa Health
Whole Grains help lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Brown rice and oats are great types of whole grains that develop the flow of blood to the brain . They include a high degree of Vitamin E and fibre , helping the upkeep of valuable nutrients . Eating whole grains help distribute healthy fats around the body , keeping cholesterol levels and blood sugar down .

KEY BENEFITS : Whole grains contain plenty of fibre to lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol – assisting to improve your overall health .


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