When Experiencing These Eight Issues Take Lemon Juice Instead Of Pills

Lemon juice has flavonoids, which contains cancer-fighting properties and antioxidant as well.

It has the power to inhibit fever constipation, diabetes, ingestion, high blood pressure just to mention a few. It aids to develop teeth, the skin, and hair.

According to American Urological Association Studies, lemon juice forms urinary citrate that avoids creation of crystals thus reducing kidney stones.

Eight issues that lemon juice solves much better than pills:

  1. Weight Loss

Several ways that lemon juice supports our goals has been indicated in the new studies. Lemon juice has pectin which is a fiber that assists in cutting down weight.

  1. Problems with skin

Lemon juice aids to remove wrinkles and blemishes, scars and age spots, this is because it is full of antioxidants. It also keeps the skin radiant and cleans the blood.

  1. Detoxification

When potent detoxifier is combined with water is prescribed for numerous types of renewals, fasts, detoxes and cleanses.

  1. Bowel Movements

Lemon juice assists with smooth bowel movements as well as cleaning the colon, and works as a strong antibacterial always. This is due to its richness in pectin fiber.

  1. Imbalanced pH

Despite the fact that lemon juice is acidic it forms an alkaline environment in the body. To change pH and make more alkaline pH it is advisable to take a glass of warm water in the morning.

  1. Digestive Problems

Lemon juice boosts production of bile hence aiding in digestion

  1. Overgrowth of Bacteria

It prevents the growth of bacteria

  1. Inflammation & Pain

Lemon dissolves uric acid, consequently eliminating joints pain and inflammation mainly the knees pain. It is a perfect relief for elderly.


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