Food For Burning Calories

If you want to lose weight you need to pay attention to the food you consume. While staying away from fast food and other high-calorie food is the first step, there are also specific types of food which accelerate the metabolism and make your body burn more calories. Let’s take a look at such foods:

Food for burning calories

Following are some food for burning calories:

Cereal with Milk

Food for Burning Calories - Cereal with Milk

These contain calcium, fiber and complex carbohydrates. The latter two maintain low insulin levels in the system after eating by accelerating the metabolism. This is very good for you since high levels of insulin cause the body to store more fat. Milk is good for you because there it contains a lot of calcium which also speeds up the metabolism. According to a study from the University of Tennessee, people that ingest 1,200-1,300 mg of calcium every day lose almost twice the weight compared to people ingesting conventional amounts of calcium.


Chilli contains capsaicin. This is the element that contributes to its hot flavor. Chilli also increases the heart-rate. Researches performed back in the 80s show that people ingesting a hot spicy meal every day have their metabolism accelerated by up to 25%. In addition, more recent researches claim that people who eat more red chili peppers and drink more coffee burn 1000 additional calories than people who don’t.

Coffee and Green Tea

Food for burning calories - Coffee and Green Tea

Obviously, coffee contains caffeine, while green tea contains Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG). As you are probably aware, caffeine causes faster heart-rates which in turn causes more calories to be burnt. EGCG is a chemical which stimulates the brain and nervous system to start working faster, therefore, burning more calories. According to certain research, drinking a mixture of caffeine and 90mg of EGCG helps the body burn 30 extra calories even while resting.

Protein-Rich Food: Chicken, Turkey, Beef

All of these foods are very rich with protein, which provide more energy to the body but it also takes a lot more time and energy for the body to digest them. As a result to eating protein-rich food, the body will start working harder in order to process it, thereby burning more calories. According to a research, people who base their diet on protein-rich food burn double the amount of calories when compared to people on carbohydrate diet.

Tuna, Sardine, Salmon

Food for Burning Calories - Tuna, Sardine, Salmon

These foods contain omega-3 fatty acids. They reduce the levels of leptin in the body. Leptin is a hormone which, when present in low levels, accelerates the metabolism resulting in higher count of burnt calories. Eating fish will ensure that the level of leptin in the system remains low.


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