What Are the Most Common Nutrition Mistakes Athletes Make

Everyone can make mistakes, and so do the best athletes in the world. Let’s review some of the most common nutrition mistakes athletes make.

Replacing regular meals with snacks

Muscles need carbs, and energy bar snacks are perfect for providing carbs to them. They are also rich with protein. However, they are just snacks which should be taken as such, not with the intention and purpose to replace a proper meal.

Paying too much attention to proteins, neglecting carbs

Carbs are essential for every professional athlete as well as the regular exercising enthusiasts since they feed the body with the necessary energy that drives it. However, with the rising popularity of protein diets, some athletes have started to neglect carbs supply. Although proteins are an important part of the muscle recovery process, their intake should not be increased at the price of reducing carb intake.

Not taking a meal prior to working out

Without providing enough energy to the body prior to working out means that your body will not be able to train as hard, get tired easier and feel hungry.

Not eating after working out

It is imperative that you provide your body with a source of energy after finishing the workout. The system needs carbs and proteins after it burns through the available energy during the exercises. When making a break in between workouts be sure to eat a snack, and also drink the necessary amount of fluids.

Bad coordination of calories intake

Athletes have to work out regularly, but they also have to go through processes of growth and recoveries after competitions. They also have everyday lives. Therefore, it is a real challenge to properly coordinate intake of calories. If not regulated properly it could cause undesirable change in muscle mass, depending on whether there are competitions or a recovery period ahead.

Not paying attention to what they eat

Athletes do have faster metabolisms, due to their strict workout regiments. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you can simply eat whatever you like, whenever you like it just because your body has the ability to burn through food faster. By doing so, so are destroying your body’s ability to properly recover before the next workout. Fatty foods are your biggest enemy. Eating healthy food is a must if you want to toughen your immune system.

Not drinking enough liquid

Athletes have to pay close attention to changes in weight before and after competitions. It is very important to consume liquids that are rich with sodium after competitions and workouts, but carefully, because exaggerating with them will cause you to gain unnecessary weight.

Getting carried away with new diets

Changing diets in short periods of time cannot lead to good results. Although it’s necessary to keep yourself up to date with the most recent diets, you should know that there will nealwaver be such a diet that will get positive results overnight.


  1. Big-crystal and flaky sea salts and kosher salts are bulkier, so you figure they also contain more sodium. Minced garlic is more redolent than chopped because the smelly, heart-healthy thiosulfinates are created as the clove is cut.


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