Problem of Hair Fall

Problem of Hair Fall

As much as loss of hair doesn’t endanger human life or even the most crucial functions of the body, most people have expressed their interest in hair appearance, quality and size.

This interest has mostly been expressed by women who look at it as symbolic significance of femininity and men who associate it with masculinity.

Loss of hair for men is normally a sign for personality attack while women also look at it as an equivalent to disaster especially in most social cultural surrounding. This confirms why most cultures viewed hair as an element of respect and worship since the beginning of time.

Hair Falling Recipe

More hairs fall due to changes caused by spring in the body. In case of hair loss, one doesn’t have to panic or seek help of a hair dresser to give you directions on which cosmetic to buy which in most cases have negative effects that can lead to hair loss

However, this can always be avoided by making natural products from ingredients that can be found in the kitchen hence preventing hair loss. This problem can be overcome by using the two natural compounds that can be done at home. The procedure is very cheap and time effective.

Hair loss recipe using garlic.

 If you are among the people who suffer from loss of hair, here is the best procedure: Soak your hair with oil that previously put fresh cracked garlic. This procedure should be done every week while massaging your head for ten minutes. You should then wash your hair using shampoo

Leaves burdock against hair falling Recipe

Mix 5 tablespoons of finely chopped fresh leaves burdock and fresh nettle leaves. The whole mixture is poured into 800ml hot water at 1000c.The mixture should remain covered for about 2hrs before it is strained. Wash the hair with shampoo then moisten with tea. Give allowance of half an hour to allow it react with the hair before rinsing with water. This procedure should be done every alternate evening within the 7days.

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If you have the problem of hair loss. Follow this advice

This problem can be overcome by using the following herbs: nettle, walnut leaf or St. John’s wort. The tea made out of these herbs is drunk and still use it to was your hair.


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