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Knees deteriorate in due time. It’s just a consequence of aging. In general, women are more susceptible to knee troubles than men due to the negative effects that estrogen has on knee ligaments.

Knee Exercises to Strengthen Your Knees:

Here are some exercises which can help you strengthen your knees:

Posterior Leg Bend

Secure your position by leaning on a strong surface. Holding yourself with the right hand, lift your left knee, transferring all the weight on the right leg. Hold for a few seconds and then put your leg back on the floor. Start by 20 repetition set on the right leg, and then do the same with the left.

Calf Stretches

Use your hands to support yourself leaning against a wall. Keeping your right leg back, take a step forward with the left. Bend the left knee as much as you can, without moving the right leg. Once you start feeling slight pain, stop at that position for 30 seconds. Change your legs and do the same exercise.

Temple Pose

Stand up with your feet apart and your toes facing outwards. Join your hands together in front of you. Slowly start to bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor. It’s important to keep tension in your back. Stay like that for 10 seconds, then stand back up. Do it 3 times.

Lying Leg Raise

While lying on the back, start bending one knee and stretch out the other. Keep your hands to the body. Lift the stretched out leg as much as possible. Keep that position for a few seconds and slowly place it back on the floor. You must keep your hands against the floor all of the time. For each leg at a time, repeat this 20 times.


Get down on the floor on your back. Keep your hands against the floor and bend you knees. Keep tension on your butt and torso by lifting yourself up until your shoulders and knees become parallel to each other. Then lift one leg and keep it like that for 5 seconds before returning it to the previous position. Repeat this 20 times with each leg.

Do these knee exercises ever day to strengthen your knees.


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