Remedy for Stopping a Heart Attack in 1 Minute

The ability of cayenne pepper to prevent heart attack in just a minute is not known by many individuals. It is important to have it handy, to help in case of a heart attack.

For the 35 years, Dr. Christopher has worked as an American herbalist, he has never lost a patient to a heart attack. Patients who are still conscious, he gives them a cup of cayenne pepper tea. They go back to normal after just a minute. Scientists did not establish this theory on studies done in laboratories but in light of their experience.

Remedy for Stopping a Heart Attack in 1 Minute

Scoville Heat Units (SHU) indicates that cayenne pepper has no less than 90,000 Scoville units. This additionally incorporates Jamaican Hot Pepper, African Bird, Habanero, Thai Chi, Jalapeño, and Scotch Bonet. Patients who have had a heart attack, yet are still cognizant, and breathing can be given a blend of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and a glass of water. If the individual is unconscious, put a couple of drops of cayenne pepper extracts below the patient’s tongue.

Cayenne pepper balances circulation by increasing the heart rate and conveying the blood to all parts of the body. It is very beneficial in such that; aides in heart recuperation, it has a hemostatic effect and stops bleeding.

Cayenne pepper extract is the best solution for emergency cases of heart attacks. Be careful not to confuse between cayenne pepper and hot pepper when making the tincture.

Chilli is a bushy tropical plant, and it has much more pepper alkaloid and capsaicin which makes it stronger than regular pepper. The smallest peppers are normally the most sizzling. It is advisable always to go for this kind.


  • Cayenne pepper in powder form
  • A couple of fresh cayenne peppers
  • 50% of alcohol (vodka preferably)
  • One Liter size glass bottle
  • Hand gloves


  • Put gloves on to protect your hands the heat of cayenne pepper.
  • Fill the glass bottle quarterly with cayenne pepper and add enough alcohol to cover the powder. This can be done on the first day of a new moon possibly.
  • Blend the fresh cayenne peppers and then add some alcohol to get a sauce-like texture.
  • Add the combination to the bottle which should make the bottle ¾ full.
  • Add the remaining alcohol to fill completely the bottle and close well.
  • Keep the mixture for 28-29 days (until the next new moon), use a gauze to strain. Preserve in a dark bottle.
  • To get an adamant tincture, strain after three months
  • Tightly close the bottle and store in dry and dark place. This mixture never spoils.


Conscious patient- give five to ten drops of the solution and then add five to ten drops in 5min. Repeat the treatment until the improvement in patient’s condition is experienced.

Unconscious patient- put one to three drops under the tongue, and begin CPR. Supposing the patient’s condition of the does not change, repeat the treatment after every 5 min until you experience development in patient’s condition.

Health benefits:

Cayenne pepper avoids the occurrence of Colletotrichum and Phomopsis because of its antifungal properties.

It benefits the digestive system in such that it fuels the creation of gastric juices and relieves gases.

It prevents cancer, particularly lung and liver cancer. It contains capsaicin which inhibits the growth of tumors brought about by tobacco, and similar results are seen in patients diagnosed with liver cancer.

It is used to treat a toothache, hypersensitivities, stomach issues, influenza side effects, joint pain, heftiness, headache and redness.

Cayenne pepper contains 26 various nutrients, like vitamin C and A, selenium, calcium, zinc and magnesium. Always ensure that you have cayenne pepper tincture on hand, it is one of the potent natural spices that does a miracle to the heart.


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