Harmful Cancerous Nonstick Chemical - EPA Refuses to Take Action
(source: theintercept.com)

It has been revealed that PFOA can be found in the majority of US citizens. The PFOA is a chemical which is not regulated by the EPA, and used by DuPont until 2013. Nonstick pan manufacturers maintain that their products are safe as long as they are used properly. However, it is undeniable that still there is PFOA in people’s blood. DuPont released yet another chemical in 2009, supposed to replace PFOA. Called GenX, it is used to produce Teflon. However, as soon as it appeared, experts started questioning its safety.

According to research and experiments conducted on lab rats, GenX has been linked to causing problems in the reproductive organs and size changes in livers and kidneys. But that is not the whole story. There is cancer, cholesterol and issues with the immune system. Despite all that, Chemours, the company that creates the chemical, maintains it is safe. They have rejected all of the mentioned results, stating that those findings do not apply to humans.

A professor of Environmental Health Sciences at the School of Public Health, part of West Virginia University, claims that DuPont scientist were bias when signing off on the reports. He also says the whole process of creating C8, a new breed of PFOA, was handled by DuPont in a shady manner.

Another professor from the University of Massachusetts, Laura Vangenburg, is a reproductive biologist that raised concerns over a report which stated female rats hit puberty later when GenX was introduced into their systems. This claim was briefly rejected by DuPont, stating it only referred to large doses.

Professor Vandenburg admits that GenX will not kill a person in an instant. However, she maintains that it is an issue that affects people in the long run, slowly destroying the body’s biological functions. Low doses are the ones that enable that to develop.

A former senior risk assessor, Deborah Rice, also a retired toxicologist has also stated her displeasure. She says that GenX can in no way be called a safer alternative to PFOA, since it has the same effects.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has the power to limit or completely ban the usage of certain chemicals which are proven to be dangerous to people and the environment. So far, no action has been taken regarding GenX.


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