Cloned Meat Burgers Are Real

People primarily prefer going vegan due to moral reasons. Vegans refuse to consume meat coming out of cruelly treated animals, kept in poor conditions, and then slaughtered for the purpose of meat and dairy production.

There are those most radical vegans that completely despise the smell and taste of meat stating that it reminds them of dead meat served on a platter. However, no one is born vegan, and there are some vegetarians that, on occasion, admit to missing the taste of meat their parents prepared while they were children.

Having these people in mind, scientists have been working round the clock recently and have achieved some significant results. Synthetic meat growing on a place is now a reality and no animals get hurt in the process. Thanks to the scientific and technological advances it is now entirely possible to clone and grow live animal tissues.

Dr. Mark Foust from the Netherlands is one of those hard working scientist, and he aims to make this kind of meat into a consumer product available for the masses. The downside, for now, is that it costs an extremely large amount of money to produce cloned meat.

But How Does It Taste?

Those few people on the planet that had the opportunity to taste cloned meat burgers have said that the taste is “ok”. However, if you want to try it and be the judge yourself you will have to set aside $325,000 plus a plane ticket to London. A special cooking and eating event will take place in London at the 5th of August, and those who are willing to spend that amount of money will have the chance to taste it themselves.

Dr. Foust is hopeful that people will find the taste of the cloned meat burger as natural as possible. He suggests adding a pinch of salt and pepper and one will never be able to tell the difference.

The aim of the event is to raise enough funds to continue the research and in time make synthetic meat available for everyone. They are well aware that there is still some way to go in terms of taste and nutrition, but there is optimism that all the issues will be resolved and people will be able to enjoy meat without having to worry about the animals.


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